Clare & Simon's Wedding - 21 June 2008

Our warmest regards go to Clare and Simon on their wedding at the Village church in Swineshead, Bedfordshire and reception at Longstowe Hall.

The day started so wet that I brought three umbrellas, raincoats and my wife, Kirsty, to help on Saturday. It had forecast rain all day but I can not believe how lucky we were. The wedding was at 12.30pm and the rain stopped at about 12pm, but a very important guest got lost and so the ceremony was delayed by 25 minutes! I wouldn't have liked to be in Simons shoes - although he was told that it wasn't Clare holding up the proceedings.

Anyway the rain stayed away for the family photos, and we made our way to Longstowe. I was able to get some great shots of the newlyweds after the guests made their way to the marquee.

If you were a guest and have any questions just call 01638 601571 or email me

Below are some of the pictures taken on the day - turn up the volume on your computer and enjoy!

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