As seen on TV! Story on Anglia News about the release of the Royal baby family photograph

Tuesday 20 August was an exciting day for us at Ashworth Photography. I had an unexpected call at about 10am from Claire at ITV Anglia news who was covering the story about the release of the family photograph of the new Royal baby taken by the Duchess of Cambridge’s father in their garden on a sunny summers day. Claire wanted to touch on the importance of capturing a baby at newborn stage, particularly professionally, and the fact that the Royals chose to release a more informal family snap taken by the baby's grandfather instead of a formal photograph that is more common with the Royal Family.  

So after making a few calls I was able to ask Catherine and Sophia who had been to the studio just the week before for some of our early baby shots, as she was just 14 days old.  We were both interviewed and filmed during a short photo session for the piece.  Catherine and Sophia were very natural on film and being about photography I found the questions very easy to answer!

Anyway we made a short video with the help of Hayley my assistant of the filming and we plan to edit the whole interview for anyone that's interested. The link to the news story is at the bottom of the post too...  Enjoy!

News story as soon on Anglia News - 20th August 2013