Baltic Wedding Photographer of the Year awards 2010

Nikon wedding photography competition entrants
Photographers from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia attend

I was invited by Nikon in Estonia to give a talk on professional wedding photography to photographers from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.  I gave a background on my photography business and explained how wedding photography works for me in Cambridge where I am based.  The seminar was sponsored by Nikon as well as some other local businesses.  The talk went down really well and 1 hour wasn't really enough!  Had it have been up to the delegates, I think they would have let me talk all afternoon.... but I was also there to judge their "Wedding Photographer of the Year" award.

wedding and portrait photographer talks in Estonia
Mark talks about wedding and portrait photography

cambridge photographer gives seminar

wedding photographer from Cambridge talks to photographers from the Baltics
Wedding and portrait photographer, Mark, talks to photographers from Baltic countries

This prestigious competition is run by Jana Sarglep and celebrates its 10th year anniversary this year, and attracts professional wedding photographers from all of these three countries.  Even though they have fairly small populations, they do their fair share of wedding photography and I was delighted to have been asked to be one of the UK judges.  I was accompanied by two other UK photographers, Steve Tarling and Denis Orchard, both who specialise in wedding photography, and also three other more local professional photographers with a range of disciplines, from fashion to PR and commercial.

Judges comment and score photographs
An intense day of judging over 300 professional wedding images

International judges
Judges from the UK, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

With the top prize from Nikon being the amazing Nikon D3S professional digital camera, there were around 300 images to judge, which appeared in various categories.  Reportage Wedding Photography, Bride and Groom Wedding Photography, Bride or Groom only photography, and Detail Wedding Photography.  Whilst we had a great system for judging, unfortunately we were let down by technology and ended up having to turn to a manual voting system.  With 6 independent judges, there were often different views and opinions and the whole process took a lot longer than we anticipated.  We ran through non stop and after much deliberation came to a decision and picked a winner.  More information on the competition, including the winners, can be found here ...

photography judges pick the wedding photographer of the year
Picking a winner

Nikon invites me to talk to photographers in Estonia

Exciting News! I have recently been asked to present my wedding photography and business skills to photographers based in and around Tallinn, Estonia at the end of May. Nikon Europe are sponsoring the event, which will also involve a print competition that will be judged by myself, Steve Tarling and Denis Orchard, who are also very talented and respected wedding photographers from the UK. The prize fund for the competition is said to include a Nikon D3S. It is expected that over 100 talented wedding and portrait photographers will be attending from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

More to come after the event!