Frequently asked questions about our wedding photography service

How far will you travel?
Mark undertakes weddings both in the UK and overseas. He is based in Burwell, Cambridgeshire. For weddings outside a fifty-mile radius usually incur additional travel expenses. This is flexible, depending on your initial investment, and can be discussed during your initial meeting.

Who will photograph our wedding?
Award-winning Mark Ashworth is the sole photographer and he is responsible for all the photography on the day. He will also discuss your requirements at the initial meeting and help you select your images at the viewing stage.

What equipment do you use?
Mark uses Canon 5D3 SLR cameras with a range of Canon professional lenses and their sophisticated flash system when required. Our images are edited using industry leading software Adobe Lightroom by Mark himself.

Do we have to have an album?
No. You simply select the length of coverage best suited for your day, then choose a presentation option. We offer our images as finished prints, high resolution digital images - ready for printing, and albums. Most of our clients choose albums and digital images - but its totally up to you!

Do you do group pictures?

Yes, and always very efficiently. Couples usually want a selection of family groups and, with his extensive experience, Mark can ensure that flattering photographs of everyone involved can be taken quickly and easily. Immediate family shots can be completed in just twenty minutes. However, if you want more extensive coverage all your needs will be accommodated as efficiently as possible.

How many photographs do you take?
This depends on the coverage selected. Mark usually takes 400-600 images on our popular 6/8 hour options. He will then carefully edit and select the best, giving you around 250-350 beautiful pictures to choose from.
How many can we choose for our album or book?
Be prepared to love all your pictures and spending hours choosing between them! Many clients often choose over 100 images. There is no limit, as all our albums and other products are custom designed and made to order.

Do you retouch or enhance the pictures?
Every care is taken to ensure your pictures look amazing. All images are individually balanced for colour, density and contrast. We enhance all images where we feel necessary. If you have special requests for certain retouching this can be discussed and priced on application.

Can we buy framed pictures for the wall?
Yes. There are lots of options for wall products. Images can be printed on Canvas, Acrylic or framed traditionally. You can also have multiple images within one product. Everything will be done to accommodate your individual desires.

What is available for our parents?
We offer two main products for them. Our wedding books enable us to offer duplicate copies of the main book. If a conventional album is ordered, then other options are available and are usually priced depending on the number of images required.

Do you archive the pictures?
All our digital images are backed up and stored so you can re-order them at any time. All records are kept of your orders in case you need to reproduce your album or book. We recommend you inform your insurance company to ensure they are covered in case of damage or loss.

Please contact us with any questions, to discuss your desires, and for a detailed price guide.