Dog Photographer in Cambridge

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The relationship between dogs and their owners is only understood by dog owners. We appreciate that your beloved pet is a massive part of your life and it many cases are loved more than children! Dogs are always happy to see you, love you unconditionally and over time a very special bond is created. There is no wonder that for centuries dogs have been labelled "man's best friend".

Your dog has a unique personality. They may be crazy, thoughtful, caring, loving or even a mixture of everything. Most importantly they will have a unique relationship with you.

Using our experience, we want to capture this relationship for your in your photographs. Whether it's a portrait of just your canine friend or within the family group, we welcome them to the studio just like an other member of your family!
We love photographing dogs in the studio, but equally it may be more fitting for your dog to be outdoors. Please talk with us about the alternative options.

Mostly our clients wish to have their four-legged friends join them in their family portrait shoots and of course we will capture some fabulous images of them on their own. Being one of the family means they deserve their own special portrait too!

It's important for you to tell us about your doggie and if there are any special stories about them. They have a history just like you do, and we love to hear about them just as much as the humans.

Woof woof!